Business man Aneesh Thamarakkulam and wife Supta feel that the Union Budget 2014-15 did not meet expectations, and that it was an ordinary one.

“No great benefits for the common man, but the increase in the income ceiling for tax exemption, especially for the senior citizens, is a big relief,” Mr. Aneesh said here on Thursday.

He was happy about the decision to introduce Goods and Services Tax (GST), which would check tax evasion to a great extent.

Mr. Aneesh appreciated the budget for its far-sightedness and lack of gimmicks.

“We should not expect immediate results from a team. Let us give them some time. As of now, there are a few good points, like the help to farmers. And they have given stress to secularism. Look at the money set apart for modernising madrassas. There is certainly something to look forward to from the government,” Mr. Aneesh said.

Ms. Supta was happy with the reduction in the prices of various household items.

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