London, Aug 18 (IANS):  In a bid to protect children from inappropriate content, British Prime Minister David Cameron Monday announced a pilot scheme under which online music videos will be given age ratings, a media report said.

Cameron in his speech at the Relationships Alliance Summit here vowed to make every new government policy pass a “family friendly” test, The Guardian reported.

He said the rules for online videos should be brought into line with content bought offline.  He admitted that he had banned his own children from viewing some videos.

From October, a pilot scheme backed by YouTube, music video service Vevo and the British Board of Classification would ensure that the given content is classified according to age.

Cameron expressed his concern over bringing up children in an internet age and being constantly worried about the content accessible to them.

“So we have taken a big stand on protecting our children online. So, as far as it is possible, we should try to make sure that the rules that exist offline exist online. So if you want to go and buy a music video offline there are age restrictions on it. We should try and recreate that system on the internet,” the report quoted Cameron as saying.

The prime minister noted that the internet should not be exempt from the rules of society.  “We should not cede the internet as some sort of lawless space where the normal rules of life should not apply,” Cameron added.

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