So President Pranab Mukherjee finally got the memo about social media and decided to debut on Twitter. Why, after all, should the Prime Minister have all the fun? Exactly.

President Pranab Mukherjee's Twitter page.

And deciding to give PM Narendra Modi some stiff competition in the boring tweets department and Digvijaya Singh for the Tweet Maar Khan title, Mukherjee put out four tweets in just half an hour. Impressive? Well…

His first tweet was about the National Awards. The Second on the importance of handicraft and ‘infinite creativity’. The third one asked people to follow him. Fourth one wishing a bunch of scholars visiting the Rashtrapati Bhavan a ‘memorable stay’.


While you might argue that in spirit, Mukherjee’s tweets are as only as boring as Rajinikanth’s, the latter had amassed more followers in an hour than there’s grass in the Rashtrapati Bhavan compound. The president? Not quite so much. As this copy is being written Mukherjee has gathered 9,097 followers.

Therefore, in this tweet-eat-tweet world of Twitter here are some tips to help the president become a smarter and more re-tweeted Twitter personality. After all the first citizen of the country ought to have an engaging twitter account.

Here’s a list of tweets that he could have sent out to announce his arrival on Twitter with a bang.

1. I have a dream.

Image courtesy: Facebook


2. Luis Suarez wasn’t here. Damn. :(


3. My son and Goa Minister Dhavalikar are not friends. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

4. Why is the monsoon doing to Mumbai what Mrs Gandhi did to me?

5. @narendramodi, please retweet this.



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