These moves will keep you looking rested and vibrant

These moves will keep you looking rested and vibrant

Los Angeles, Dec 4 (IANS) From lifting eyebrows to slimming down the double chin can make you look beautiful and 10 years younger to your real age.

Experts of different cosmetic brand share tips to look younger all the time, reports

* Lift your brows: High, full brows look youthful and help define all your features. Use a brow powder or pencil a shade lighter than your hair color to fill in sparse areas, then sweep a fine line right above the top of the arch. 

* Camouflage Crow’s feet: Nix heavy cover-up, which makes lines more obvious. Instead, brighten the area with concealer under the outer third of your lower lashes and a creamy highlighter just below any lines.

* Reduce Parentheses: To diminish the lines that run from your nose to your mouth, apply concealer one shade lighter than your skin over the shadow below the fold only, not over the entire crease. This pro trick reduces the appearance of a defined edge. 

* Pep up your pout: The sides of the mouth tend to droop with age. To lessen the effect, brush highlighter on the corners and concealer just below the outer edges of your lower lip to minimize shadows.

* Slim double chin: Apply a light layer of foundation or matte bronzer two shades darker than your skin under your chin, shading over any jowl.

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