Who will be next cm of haryana

Who will be next cm of haryana

Aadil Mir: Although BJP recorded its best ever performance in Haryana, winning 33.2 percent of the total votes polled in the assembly elections and is all set to form the government on its own. However, the question remains who will be the next Chief Minister and top brass of the party are in a fix. There are two frontrunners for the top post, Manohar Lal Khattar and Captain Abhimanyu non-Jat and Jat respectively.

Manohar Lal Khattar, an RSS man, and a non-Jat , was an RSS worker from 1980 to 1994 and then joined BJP, Sources say that he is a close aide of PM Narendra Modi, Khattar a bachelor above the age of 60, was sure of winning the Kamal seat and he did it by huge margin.

Captain Abhimanyu is the Jat face of the BJP in Haryana; He was dispatched to the State by Party President Amit Shah to help win the state. Captain Abhimanyu could have been seen to enjoy that distinct advantage of being the Delhi leadership’s top choice. Amit Shah had virtually endorsed him as the kind of Chief Minister Haryana needs during the campaign. Usually in Haryana where Jats have long dominated politics as the single biggest chunk of voters, which is a big plus point, But the BJP is in dilemma.

People in the state are demanding a clear Jat face as their new Mukhya, and Captain Abhimanyu is a top choice among people. He contested from Narnaund Constituency and won it by a handsome margin. According to locals he has good leadership qualities and is connected to the  people he served country as well during his tenure in Indian Army,  He has a charisma like our Prime Minister Narendra Modi , majority of the people including  Jat and Non-Jat supported him as their new Mukhaya.

Now the ball is in the court of New Delhi leadership as they are likely to decide Chief Minister for Haryana today and sources are saying that top leadership of the party is in dilemma as they have to keep in mind that what people of the state want and what will be good for the party in upcoming elections in states like Delhi.

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