Changes in the organisational structure and strategy hint at layoffs as well as new opportunies within Microsoft, following CEO Satya Nadella’s manifesto for the new financial year.

In the manifesto addressed to Microsoft employees, Nadella talks about “flattening” the organisation in several instances, such as “You will see fewer people get involved in decisions and more emphasis on accountability.” and “We will increase the fluidity of information and ideas by taking actions to flatten the organization and develop leaner business processes. Culture change means we will do things differently. Often people think that means everyone other than them”.

The 3000-word manifesto also tells his team to expect fewer processes, but more focussed and measurable outcomes. Although Nadella is new to the CEO role, he’s been with the company since 1992. According to Business Insider, he’s known as the guy who gets rid of middle management from the units that he’s run.

Nadella, known for his ambition and bold ideas, also seems to be working on Microsoft’s big comeback with investments in two new functions Data and Applied Science and Software Engineering. This in turn could open up new job opportunities as Microsoft would need new skills and ideas to make those investments successful.

After Microsoft acquired Nokia, a leaked document revealed Microsoft would rebrand Nokia devices after December 31, 2015. With the acquisition, it said it would find $600 million in annual cost savings within 18 months, which also hints that the merger would lead to some employee cuts.

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